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Case Results

The Regan Law Firm | Litigation Law Firm in Wilmington, NC

A sample of some of our case results include:


Medical Malpractice

- Confidential settlement in a medical malpractice/wrongful death case (defendant's insurance company required all aspects of the settlement, including the facts of the case, be kept strictly confidential as part of an agreement to pay our client the full amount of their demand)

- $200,000.00 for the family of an elderly man who died from a subdural hematoma caused by a long-term care facility's failure to take actions necessary to prevent his high likelihood of falls

-$40,000.00 in favor of a woman hospitalized for a week after her pharmacist dispensed the wrong dosage of her prescription

-$40,000.00 in favor of a woman needing a hip replacement revision after her surgeon left her with an unacceptable leg length discrepancy

Serious Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

- $600,000.00 for the family of an elderly woman killed in a motor vehicle accident when her caretaker failed to properly secure her wheelchair inside the vehicle

- $225,000.00 for a client who suffered multiple fractures when the poorly maintained stairs at her rental property gave way

- $150,000.00 for a child bit in the face by her neighbor's dog

- $150,000.00 premises liability settlement in favor of a woman who suffered a hip fracture

- $135,000.00 for a plaintiff who suffered a femur fracture when she fell on a poorly maintained walkway

Business Litigation

- A jury verdict in favor of our client, a South Carolina engineering firm, where the plaintiff was attempting to hold the engineering firm liable for the debts of another company under an enterprise liability theory

- A Rule 12(b)(6) dismissal of claims for breach of contract, bad faith, and unfair and deceptive trade practices levied against against our client by its customer

- Successfully obtaining 100% of the six-figure amount owed to a subcontractor on a major downtown Wilmington commercial building project after neutralizing the out-of-state general contractor's attempt to demand reductions of the subcontract amount that violated state law

Civil Litigation

- $80,000.00 settlement in favor of a home purchaser after concealed termite damage was discovered post-closing

- $56,000.00 judgment, including treble damages, against an insurance company that committed unfair and deceptive trade practices by failing to pay the client's property insurance claim

- A dismissal of an action against our client in a six-figure premises liability case arising out of an incident occurring at the client's vacation rental property;

- Directed verdict in our client's favor in a declaratory judgment action brought by a national insurance company on a complex insurance coverage issue

PLEASE NOTE: Each case is different, and results can differ dramatically based on the particular facts involved.  The Firm's and attorney's past outcomes are not an indicator of the results that should be expected of any future cases. 

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